The podcast has launched. It was supposed to be different, first of all, it is not a video podcast but just audio, second of all talking seems to be easier than it actually is.


Is there anything good that can come out of perfectionism? Boris Johnson always tries to be perfect, so I really do not understand why anyone else would want that...

People with ADHD (not all, but I bet the vast majority, based on a sample of 1735462784 tiktoks about being perfect) tend to strive for perfection so that nobody can see it, you know the flaws, the forgotten keys, messy apartment, two different socks (what socks?). The time of perfection is gone, it is a useless thing, it prevents progress, and the development of new ideas and it makes people anxious. Hence, I decided to start the whole NeuroDump venture without much preparation, without polishing my website or preparing a social media schedule. Not a single human being in this world should be discouraged from pursuing something just because they feel they do not possess the right skills. Skills can be acquired but society primed us in a way that we believe people are born geniuses. For sure, there are genetic predispositions, but skills can be learned. You do not see an A* student because they probably are stuck at home studying, knowledge does not come from anything. Seeing someone starting completely from scratch without years of training can be encouraging because nothing has to be perfect. Despite being an actual music genius, Mozart practised 10 hours a day. Nobody talks about it. People see only the final 'perfect' product and decide they are not good enough to pursue that thing they admire because they are unaware of the work that needs to be done to become great at something.


Neurons have been dumped.

This podcast is something that is very far from perfection, is even far from being good. Because I have never been podcasting, recording sound or anything of the sort. Apart from one odd YouTube video when I tried to fit into the minimalism and Zen culture. But that is the beauty of it, maybe it will get better, maybe not. Maybe someone else will start a podcast because they will think 'She can do it, then I can do it, too'.

I will publish unperfect episodes with an unperfect schedule.

This podcast is available on Spotify for now, because I have not figured out how to make it available on Apple Podcast, ID issues.